The Importance of Personalising your eCommerce Customer Experience

RANDEM - Do Better 12 May 2016


The customer service experience is about perspective. When a customer decides on how they are going to shop - whether online or in store - they are making one of the most impactful decisions they can have on an eCommerce business.

How can the experience affect a customer?

Let's assume the role of the customer:

  • First you purchase a suit at a retail outlet and during the transaction you recieved a loyalty card and an online profile as well.
  • When you get home you realise that you forgot to purchase a tie.
  • You visit the store online and log onto your profile which remembers all of your in store purchases.
  • You proceed to purchase the tie, and upon the site's recommendation, you also buy a set of cufflinks.

What guarantees your purchase is not just the products, but also the store's flexibility to turn what could have been a faceless process into a unified experience.

The reality is that, if the purchasing process is difficult, slow or broken in any way, it's likely you'll not only lose the sale, but you'll never get that customer to buy from you again, no matter how good the product is.

Interested in taking your customer experience to the next level? Check out how some of our clients have done it.

How did we transform Joe Button's online
store experience?

Joe Button is a bespoke mens & womenswear brand based in Sydney, specialising in suits. Their incredible customer experience kicks in the moment you step into their store and their biggest headache was finding a way to replicate that personalised experience online.

We worked with Joe Button to:

  • Develop an entirely new custom-built eCommerce website.
  • Integrate and manage a live chat system.
  • Provide online customers with the same garment customisation options they would find in-store.
  • Offer complimentary products that match customer's garment choices.

By creating this custom digital solution for Joe Button, they are now well-positioned to generate more traffic, increase their average cart size, and get a higher conversion rate on their visitor-to-customer ratio.