How Automation can help your eCommerce Business

RANDEM - Do Better 25 May 2016

Running an eCommerce store is no easy task, especially when it comes to your order and fulfilment process. If you haven't optimised your online store yet, you run the risk of doing too many manual tasks that could simply be automated, if you had the right systems in place.

Automation can assist in simplifying your online business, so you can focus on what makes your store great. You need the right eCommerce platform, backed by the right strategies, to successfully implement automation into your business.

Take, for example, WA Fresh. WA Fresh are a Perth based fresh food delivery service, that offer free, same day delivery on a wide selection of fruit, vegetable, and other produce.


The problem? They were spending too much time managing their order fulfilment process, which with the right systems in place could've been automated. In addition, their website was not optimised to provide an exceptional customer experience.

So how did we help WA Fresh save over three hours per day on these manual tasks?

  • Analysed their full order fulfilment process, ensured it was fit for the client’s specific purposes, and identified the elements of the process that we could automate
  • Built an app that automated the daily reconfiguration while allowing the user to keep control over important aspects (such as managing delivery zones by postcodes, identifying which days customers could be delivered to, and managing order status and fulfilment progress)
  • Examined the different needs customers would have when they visit the store and created multiple and varied product discovery processes
  • Designed the site so that a customer could “move through” the product catalogue as they would the aisles of a real supermarket

The results? With the right automated systems in place, WA Fresh can now concentrate on growing their business. By working closely with how WA Fresh operated, RANDEM helped WA Fresh migrate to a modernised automated process.