RANDEM - Do Better 12 September 2018

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By making the strategic move to a SaaS solution, our client increased online orders by 400% with seamless scaling and zero latency and no downtime compared with their previous Magento experience.

One of our clients, a major Australian retailers with over 60 stores nationally did just that. We (RANDEM) helped them migrate their online business from Magento to BigCommerce a SaaS* Platform, reducing their online running cost by over 60% and increasing their revenue by 400% on a ‘Black Friday’ style sale with no downtime and zero latency.

Software as a Service (SaaS)…. A subscription-based solution that is built and maintained by a third-party vendor.

Switching from Magento to BigCommerce 

8 weeks 400% 61%
to move to a SaaS platform  Increase in sales volumes on big sale day with no downtime and zero latency to previous years Reduction in platform running cost using Enterprise BigCommerce

No longer sinking money into a bespoke hosted application meant daily activities was not about keeping the system online. Now we can think big!

Their E-commerce website reached a critical level of performance failures, that was costing the business 100’s of thousands in sales with ever increasing operating costs, to maintain their online website. Our client reached out to us to help them explore a new platform. RANDEM helped the retailer to build a business case that supported their Business Architecture’s need and the desired business strategy and financial outcome over the next 36 months.  Multiple platforms were measured and ranked in a user requirements focussed workshop led by RANDEM, (including their incumbent solution Magento) against a set of client-driven business requirements, and BigCommerce Enterprise ranked the best solution for our client.


Today 12 months on:

2.3 x 2.6 x 109%
Orders Online Revenue Increase in conversion rate
65% 335% 11%
increase in vistiors increase in conversion increase in AOV

Why should retailers have to grow their online business and sacrifice margin?

Does the above sound familiar to your business? 

Then please read on or contact us today.

Should I choose a SaaS platform?

Choosing an e-commerce platform is one of the most important strategic decisions you’ll make for your business. From your site’s load time, your growth potential to your employee headcount, your choice of e-commerce platform affects much more than just your monthly payment.

One of the most fundamental platforms decisions mid-market and large merchants have to make is whether to leverage a SaaS platform. 

For online merchants, the choice between SaaS and on-premise is not terribly difficult. SaaS e-commerce platforms are not only more cost-effective, they save time, complexity, headcount and a great deal of uncertainty.

What to ask yourself?

If you’re reading this and you are at that decision process, here are a few questions you’re probably asking.

Which platform is...

  1. More cost-effective?
  2. Easiest to integrate with our other business systems?
  3. Easier to customise for my brand?
  4. More scalable as my company grows?
  5. Easier to update, maintain and keep PCI secure?
  6. Fast to implement? 

Need help answering these questions? Contact us today at RANDEM to assist with building your online strategy and business requirements allowing you to have a simpler view to which platform will meet your business outcomes. 


The main differences of BigCommerce and Magento.

What is cloud computing?

RANDEM is a global organisation with offices in Australia, UK, India and Middle East. We work with multi-channel and global B2B and B2C organisations looking to launch, enhance or transform their digital capability, reach new markets and scale up with powerful ecommerce and operational technologies.

RANDEM’s business model responds directly to the classic pain points of C-LEVEL management and delivers a “TOTAL SOLUTION” to a problem many businesses are ill-equipped to manage.